Technical parameter
Parameter KY-1Hybrid-5k0-H

PV Input

Vmax PV 550V d.c.
Isc PV (absolute Max.) 15A/15A
Max PV input power 7000W
Number of MPP trackers 2
Number of input strings 1/1
Max. PV input current / string 12A/12A
MPPT voltage range 120-500Vdc
Vdc range @ full power 250-500Vdc

Battery (input and output)

Max Input/Output Voltage 450V
Operating Voltage Range 85V ~450V (self-adapt )
Max Charge/Discharge Current 25A/25A
Max Input/Output Power 5000W/5000W
Battery Type Li-ion(LFP)/ Lead-Acid

AC Grid (input and output)

Normal Voltage 230VAC, 1ϕ (L/N/PE)
Frequency 50Hz
Max. continuous input/output current 21.7A
Max. continuous output Power 5000W
Max. continuous output Power 5000VA
Power factor and PF range >0.99 (-0.8~+0.8)

Off-Grid AC Output (Backup AC output)

Normal Voltage 230VAC, 1ϕ (L/N/PE) ( N not connect PE inside)
Frequency 50Hz
Nominal Output Current 21.7A
Nominal Output Power 5000W
Nominal Output Power 5000VA


Protective class Class I
Ingress protection IP 65
Working temperature -25℃ to 60℃ (derating 45℃)
Overvoltage category OVC II(PV)(Battery) , OVCIII(AC main Grid)
Humidity 4% ~ 95 % no condensation
Isolation Transformerless
Condition Outdoor unconditioned
Dimensions ###mm
Weight 18kg
Country of origin Made in China
Specifications Size Type Down
Koyoe Energy - Warranty commitment 90.1KB PDF
KY-1Hybrid-5k0-H User Manual 1.68MB PDF
KY-1Hybrid-5k0-H datasheet 170.KB PDF
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